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CBCT/ 3D Imaging

"This system is an innovative two-in-one solution (3D and panoramic) providing access to powerful, focused field 3D images, which enables me to make the best informed diagnoses. Images are acquired quickly and are available to me within minutes, so diagnoses can be made on the spot. This breakthrough technology provides unprecedented views of the oral cavity, which enables me to better identify areas that are in need of treatment. Because the images are available within minutes, I am able to perform a wider range of diagnoses and treatments in the office, helping reduce multiple visits and rescheduling, saving you time while making treatment more affordable. Most important, this imaging system has the ability to only radiate the areas that are in need of diagnosis, thus making it a safer choice for you."  Dr. Dobin

Patient Testimonials

Past urban legends of the negative root canal practice were dispelled when i experienced the practically pain free procedure of Doctor Dobin's visit. I have no anxiety for another canal.

Andre L

I have PTSD due to childhood experience but Dr. Dobin and staff made me feel at ease and confident with my root canal. They were all friendly and professional, thorough and competent. Thanks to all of them!

Shirley G

Dr. Dobin and his staff are very caring and professional. I went in with a painful tooth and left feeling much better. Overall my experience was pain free and comfortable.

Janice khalil

My dentist referrred me to Dr. Dobin for a root canal. I was very pleased with the care Dr. Dobin and the entire staff gave me. I highly recommend this practice.

Melissa V.

After two months of suffering from a toothache, yes, two months, three dentists later, with yet, still no outcome, I finally was referred to Dr. Dobin. I know we just met, but I love all of you! :) One hour in the office, my pain of two months was gone! The initial immediate call from the office, understanding I was in pain, the empathy they displayed, they made EVERY accommodation to get me in immediately to see what was causing the pain. An hour later, pain, broken tooth, gone! Not looking forward to any future visits:) but I know where to go should another issue surface. Thanks so much to your entire, caring staff!!!!!

Mike S

1140 Second Street
Suite B
Brentwood, CA 94513