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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Pen and her staff are the best they did wonders for me with min to no pain after words. No one will do this work on me if I need it again but Dr. Penn and her staff!!!!!

Greg Vinecour

Very good experience with Dr. Penn and the staff. I was treated with kindness and respect by all. Dr. Is very skillful and has a good touch. Very little discomfort during and after the procedure Thank you very much.

Eugene Dettrick

Had an incredibly positive experience with my entire visit and I’ve been afraid of dental work ever since I can remember. Would not hesitate to visit Dr. Penn and her team for your dental needs. Was wonderful from start to finish.

Fabulous Team

I had a wonderful time with Dr. Penn performing a root canal on me. Who says that in their right mind? I've had 5 root canals since I was 12 years old and I know a good Dentist when I see one. Dr. Penn is the one you want for a painless root canal.

Dave K

My experience here was like no other. The front office, dental assistant, and Dr. Penn are all amazing. There was NO pain before, during or after my root canal, and I am deeply grateful!

Julie Mello

This practice is the real deal: Dr. Penn is an terrific surgeon, with a great personality, and the office staff, office management, scheduling & followup were just what you need when you've been putting off that root canal.

Sherry A.

Dr.Penn did 2 root canals on me in a month, The root canals went GREAT !!! Dr. Penn handled the pain management GREAT !!!! I told her that I didn’t want to feel anything, I felt very comfortable there.The office is very clean and the front desk is great. Thank you Dr. Penn and everybody in the office for everything.

Mike Caliguire

My experience at Diablo View Endodontics far exceeded my expectations.Every aspect of my visit was dealt with professionally and with impeccable care. During Covid-19 times, the sensitivity to cleanliness was incredible. The staff was very friendly and organized. Dr. Penn took a great deal of time with me to review my x-rays and scans and explained every issue clearly. I wish every medical professional office was as efficient as this one!

Debra Voss

I had a root canal right before the 4th of July weekend, and Dr. Penn was on call. I had the root canal done somewhere else, but ended up with swelling and redness that concerned me. She was kind enough to come in on the holiday and see me, took an xray, talked to me about it and gave me a stronger antibiotic. Not to mention the night before she spent time on the phone with me at 9:00 at night listening to my symptoms and telling me what to do. I highly recommend this team, and Dr. Penn. I will be back if I need any more work done. She was caring and concerned as well as knowing what to tell me to do. Thank you for caring and seeing me in a pinch. She is the best!

Patti Montague

I first went here back in December (I think?) for a root canal treatment. Due to my pregnancy, I was unable to get the procedure done. Nonetheless, the staff worked with me and called to check in on me every couple months. Finally after I had my baby, they booked my root canal treatment the following week after I called them. I have never had a root canal so I had a lot of anxiety about it. However, Dr. Penn and her staff made me feel so comfortable. I'm sorry I'm forgetting the dental assistants name (I think that's the job title?), but she was great. Very personable. The front staff was also very warm and welcoming. The root canal treatment went very well. The same day I wasn't in pain. It is now day 3 after the treatment and I'm feeling great! Thank you Dr. Penn and staff 10/10


Nobody likes going to the dentist but I have to say my visit with Dr. Penn and staff was one of the better visits to the dentist. From the time I arrived the staff made me feel so welcome and were very professional. I was in pain and required surgery for a tooth infection. The surgery went very well. The surgery required stitches and I was a little sore from the shots. The best part was after leaving Dr. Penn's office the pain was gone. I didn't even require any pain meds and was back to eating normally the next day. So to Dr. Penn and staff,thank you so much. Joseph Nelson

Joseph Nelson

From the moment you enter the office, you are made to feel like you are family. The way you are treated by everyone is over and above what one should expect, and every step of the process is explained in detail. I also appreciate the follow-up calls. Dr. Penn and her staff are the best.

Rick Gorin

I was referred to Dr. Penn after needing a root canal ASAP. I was fit in the schedule right away and was extremely nervous w/ it being my 1st root canal. Dr. Penn and her staff were amazing!! Everyone was so incredibly helpful, patient and very detailed when it came to explaining the costs, procedure and care after. I truly felt like everyone cared and wanted me to go home comfortable. During the whole procedure they would periodically stop to give me a break and see if I was okay. After all was done Dr. Penn again made sure to check if I was okay and advised me to take the NSAIDS they provided so I would have no pain when I got home. They provided a yummy drink to help my stomach tolerate the meds. I was checked on a day later and advised to follow the instructions given to me for a specific amount of days to avoid any pain. I had a tiny amount of pain the next day which was predicted but otherwise nothing. I highly recommend Dr. Penn and her staff if you enjoy great and professional service.

Nicole W

I went into see dr. Penn in regards to my tooth hurting badly. She let me knowni needed to get a root canal, so i proceeded to get it done, and honestly her staff as well as herself were so amazing, made me feel comfortable, and i actually almost fell asleep during my rootcanal, did not hurt what so ever. She even made sure the tooth was fully covered before sending me out back to my original dentsit so i can get my crown on. I have to say this has been the best experience i have had in the densitry world. Such amazing group of people and i would definitely refer them to any1 that has dental issues.

Ashley Trapozzano

I had the usual annoyance and trepidation that comes along with your first root canal, not to mention the discomfort beforehand, but Dr. Penn and her staff treated me with the utmost courtesy and professionalism at every stage including scheduling calls with Jenn and Donna, handling me at the office, answering questions, the procedure itself, discharge instructions, and follow-up. I figure they also did a great job technically but can’t speak to that since I’m not the dentist. I do know I didn’t feel any pain during the procedure and and they did everything they could to minimize my discomfort during my time in the chair. As a professional, one thing that meant a lot to me was how Dr. Penn treated her staff with courtesy and respect, and how her staff (particularly assistants Taylor and Jenn) were friendly and down to earth. I will unhesitatingly recommend them to friends and family and they will be my first resource should I need this experience again (which I hope I don’t).


I broke my tooth and it required a root canal. Dr. Penn and Jen were both amazing! I have a terrible fear of the dentist and Dr. Penn and Jen relieved all of my fears. I was completely relaxed for the entire procedure and had NO pain was it was done. I wish I could get all of my dental work done by Dr. Penn. Thank you!

Lana Archibald

Absolutely amazing service from everyone at the office. The staff were friendly and helpful and Dr. Dobin was magnificent. He took his time to explain the process and was reassuring throughout the procedure. I would definitely recommend this office to anyone in need of a root canal.

Mayari Castro

I was referred to this office because of a complicated tooth with infection involved. Dr. Penn explained everything to me and the possibility of not being able to finish the root canal if there was an issue beyond repair with the tooth. There was and she stopped the procedure, explained everything to me, packed the tooth with a temporary filling and referred me to an oral surgeon. I cannot say enough good things about this office. Dr. Penn was kind, considerate, gentle, walked me through everything before and after she did it, and made absolutely sure that I was Completely numb before she started any of the procedure. IF I have to have any major work done I will be going back to have them do it. This is a Wonderful office with caring physicians and a Terrific office staff!

Rachelle H

Excellent service from the minute I waked in the door. Treatment was painless. Recovery time was less than 24 hours. I highly recommend going here for root canals. Dr. Dobin was excellent and throughly explained the process.

Margaret C.

I’m not a fan of going to the dentist. But Dr Dobin explains everything as he goes. So I felt at ease. His staff is amazing. I would recommend him and his staff


I was extremely nervous when I went in for my root canal. I have to say it was all unfounded. Once Dr. Dobin started the procedure I was not nervous anymore. He was great and no pain! Even after there was no pain. This Dentist knows his stuff, and he's a really nice guy! That being said, a dentist once told me, if you don't want to go to a dentist office for these procedures, then take care of your teeth!

Chett Salzman

I, too, was not looking forward to this visit, expecting the worse. Staff helped put me at ease and during the procedure they gave me "Toothy" to hold on to to calm my nerves. Dr. Dobin was direct and caring and very thorough. I would highly recommend him to others.

Diana Barnhart

I wasn't looking forward to this appointment at all! With that said, I was so impressed by all of the staff and dr.They all went over the top to make me comfortable throughout the whole process. Thank you!

Theresa Garner

I have been refered by my Dentist previously to Dr Dubin, and thus far I have had a very good experience each time. Dr Dubin advises and provides the treatment that is in the best interest of his patients. He listens to his patients and cares about what they have to say. His staff is great and consistant with patient care and follow-up.They called me the day prior to my appointment and after, as well as sent me a beautiful card in the mail! They are so caring and gentle and the doctor is so patient

Louise McKay

I have had many dental procedures done in my lifetime, most involving a lot of stress and pain. My experience at this office was wonderful. No pain, staff was helpful, friendly and really seemed to care about me. Dr. Dobin was always asking me if I was okay and Jennifer knew that I needed suction without me having to say it. The front desk staff was helpful with my dental coverage processing. They even have bottles of water for patients which I really needed since I had a cold at the time of my appt. Best dental experience of my life. I wish I could go there for all of my dental needs


What can I say that hasn’t already been said!! Incredible staff! Incredible doctor!! No pain!!!!!!!%uD83D%uDE04

Rena Hendrix

I had a root canal done. The experience was wonderful!! I did not even feel the shots prior to the procedure and I am a big baby when it comes to shots. No pain during and just a little after, but that is expected after any procedure!! Would definitely recommend his office!!

Mary Pereira

I appreciated all the kindness of the staff and excellent treatment.


root canals are never fun but Dr. Dobin makes it very comfortable and successful! I appreciate he and his Staff and would highly recommend them should you need their services. Thanks for all that you have done for me!!

bob dourgarian

Best experience ever. I've had a couple of root canals. Always some pain and 1.5 hours long. Dr. Dobin and team were excellent. Most importantly I had no pain during or after procedure. And it only took about 45 minutes.


I have been twice now and both times have been great. Very efficient and get everything done with no pain - I have a very sensitive gag reflex and they had a trick to help with it as well


My fear for any type of dental work finally goes away, thanks to Dr. Dobin! There was quite complicated (and very scary) procedure which took much shorter time, then i expected and i didn't feel any pain. Staff is super friendly and very professional. Thank you, guys!!!

Vladimir Kononov

I had a root canal and both Dr. Dobin and his assistant were excellent. They explained each step of he process and were very patient. I was given instructions on pain management but to my pleasant surprise, there was no pain at all.

Donald Smith

There are none better! Dr. Dobin, you have an amazing group. Dr. Dobin is a very caring and gentle man. God Bless you... Thank you all..

Denise Watkins

Truly professional practice and staff. I've had several root canals and retreats over the past 20 years. By fay, my experiences at Diablo View have far surpassed any of the others in the past. Thank you for all that you do.

Mike Jones

Dr. Dobin did an amazing job on my root canal last week, no pain at all, he had relaxing music playing, a big screen TV with all kinds of fish swimming around, pictures of palm trees and beaches in the procedure room. His staff was very friendly and kind. I highly recommend Dr. Dobin.

Rita H

I experienced a rather sudden onset of excruciating pain to a tooth aver the course of two days. Luckily I was able to be seen by my dentist rather quickly and he got me in to see Dr. Dobin rather quickly. By the time I arrived at Diablo View Endodontics, it was the worst pain I had ever experienced in my life. Dr. Dobin and his staff got me in and performed an emergency re-root-canal and my suffering was finally over. Very professional, friendly staff and Dr. Dobin was awesome!

Dan W

Past urban legends of the negative root canal practice were dispelled when i experienced the practically pain free procedure of Doctor Dobin's visit. I have no anxiety for another canal.

Andre L

I have PTSD due to childhood experience but Dr. Dobin and staff made me feel at ease and confident with my root canal. They were all friendly and professional, thorough and competent. Thanks to all of them!

Shirley G

Dr. Dobin and his staff are very caring and professional. I went in with a painful tooth and left feeling much better. Overall my experience was pain free and comfortable.

Janice khalil

My dentist referrred me to Dr. Dobin for a root canal. I was very pleased with the care Dr. Dobin and the entire staff gave me. I highly recommend this practice.

Melissa V.

After two months of suffering from a toothache, yes, two months, three dentists later, with yet, still no outcome, I finally was referred to Dr. Dobin. I know we just met, but I love all of you! :) One hour in the office, my pain of two months was gone! The initial immediate call from the office, understanding I was in pain, the empathy they displayed, they made EVERY accommodation to get me in immediately to see what was causing the pain. An hour later, pain, broken tooth, gone! Not looking forward to any future visits:) but I know where to go should another issue surface. Thanks so much to your entire, caring staff!!!!!

Mike S

Top notch all the way. Latest technology and a great staff.

Barret Clack

Going to Dr. Dobin’s Office was amazing. Before my appointment, I filled out the paperwork online. Opening the office doors was like entering an atmosphere of calmness, efficiency, and professionalism. I wouldn’t mind having a root canal every day - it was that pleasant. Leaving pain-free was best!

Sally Devine

I was referred by my regular Dentist to Dr Dobin for a root canal.the staff was very polite and made me feel very comfortable. I appreciate the concern Dr. Dobin and his assistant showed me during my procedure. thank you for calling me the following day to see how I was doing and also the card signed by the staff.I truly recommend Diablo View Endodontics.

M Lopez

Dr Dobin and his staff are amazing , this was my first ever root canal done and I didn’t even feel a thing it was awesome I highly recommend Dr Dobin

Scott Sanchez

I had a great experience at Dr. Dobin’s office. The staff are so kind and welcoming. The procedure itself was very quick and I was on my way to work immediately after. Thank you so much for taking care of my teeth!

Kelley L.

I had to get a root canal done. Dr Dobin was amazing as well as his staff. I was a little sore the next day but it was to be expected. They even called to check up on me the after. Great staff and highly recommend.

Amy Sheridan, Brentwood

I felt like a great welcome home experience as I entered the office. What class! Dr Dobin explained my situation carefully, giving me three options and we moved on from there. Could not ask for abet

Ralph Hanes

I needed a root canal and Dr. Dobin got me in the same day. He and his staff are exceptional. They very professional and pleasant. The shots to numb me didn't all. How did he do that? I wasn't bruised and had no swelling or pain after the procedure. I didn't even need to take an over-the-counter pain killer. They called that evening to ask how I was. I'd definitely return to Dr. Dobin and highly recommend him!

Sherry DiStefano

I heard all the horror stories of having a root canal done. What a pleasant surprise when everything went so smooth, easy, and especially painless. Everyone was especially nice and professional. Thank You!

Memo Camacho

I have been to Diablo View Endodontics a few times for procedures, and I always get the best care! The staff is incredibly friendly and sweet, and they make you feel comfortable. Dr. Dobin and his assistants always provide great care during procedures, and Dr. Dobin’s work is excellent! My root canal procedure I had recently was quick and painless! Afterwards, I received a call to see how I was doing the next day, as well as a card a few days later from the whole staff. Very nice and thoughtful. I would recommend this wonderful practice to anyone!

Kaitlin Shea

I’ve been to Dr. Dobin’s practice twice for root canals. Dr. Dobin is a top notch Endodontist and his staff are also top notch. They made me feel very comfortable during my time there. They are all very nice and professional . It’s a very nice and relaxing atmosphere. I highly recommend Dr. Dobin and staff for your future needs.

Leo Costa

I had SUCH an amazing experience with Diablo View Endodontics! I was in massive pain from something done somewhere else and was referred to Dr. Dobin from a friend. They were able to get me in the same day, fixed the problem, and I was out of pain. I've already recommended Diablo View Endodontics to family and friends.

Kim Doyal

Love the atmosphere. Everyone was nice and made you feel comfortable the minute I walk in. My surgery was great. Dr. Dobin explain the procedure to me very well. Doctors assistants were great made me feel at easy at all times.

David Harris

Dear Future Patient- I’m lazy when it comes to writing reviews; so, the fact that I’m here typing on a microscopic smartphone keyboard is testimony in itself. Who would say, “I’d rather have a root canal performed on an infected tooth than type a review”? Well, after my pleasant experience at Dr Dobin’s office, this woman would! Top shelf professionals across the board here with a comforting and clean environment. I highly recommend Dr Dobin’s office if you need an Endodintist . A+

Lisa M

I was welcomed by a very professional staff once I walked in for my appt. Dr. Dobin & his staff have the highest of standards of making you feel comfortable and realizing they’re the best at what they do. From start to finish was a pleasant and very polite visit as they used their expertise to execute the issue I was there for. I would recommend them to anyone before anyone else and I will be staying a dedicated customer for all future needs.

Scott Spaulding

I was highly recommended to see Dr Dobin. They saw me right away. Took care of my painful problem. I was very impressed with the care and efficient office staff. Very caring. I will use Dr Dobin again in the future and I highly recommend his office.

Paul Molakides

My visit to Dr. Dobin couldn't have gone better. I was greeted by a very warm front desk and things only got better as I went into the exam room where the assistant took some X-rays with a state of the art X-ray gun and then I had my first 3-D picture taken of my tooth. This 3-D ct scan was available for myself and the doctor to view. Dr. Dobin was very thorough in his explanation of what was going on with my tooth. I was very impressed with the knowledge and communication shared with me in making the decision to save my tooth. The next day my tooth was indeed saved and it is living happily ever after as I write this review. The office called me a couple days later to check on me and then I also received a thank you card for being such a good patient. The fact that my tooth was able to be saved is actually completely because of Dr. Dobin. The reason I went to see him was from a referral from my awesome dentist, Dr. Hockel, in Walnut Creek. He referred me because my previous Endodontist had given up on my tooth and deemed ready for extraction. I'm so glad Dr. Hockel sent me to Dr. Dobin. I know exactly where to go now if I ever need future Endodontic work done. My procedure was painless and so was my recovery...a little bit of Tylenol and Motrin go a long way. Btw, the operatory chairs there are like the most comfortable chairs I've ever experienced...I wish my couches and bed were that comfortable. Thanks Dr. Dobin!

Catherine V

I was referred to Dr Dobin for root canal, the assistant Sylvia and Dr. Dobin were so attentive and compassionate every step of the way. A very friendly staff and amazed at the customer service.

Linda S

Diablo View Endodontics is true to their "Mission" statement. I did find them truly compassionate, patient centered and a totally efficient. As soon as I entered their office I was warmly welcomed and they attended to my every need with a smile, I felt pretty special. Dr. Dobin explained everything thoroughly, so I knew what to expect in my treatment. My treatment was totally painless. After my treatment I was supplied by his assistant with a warm cloth to wipe my face and a nutritional chocolate drink to replenish my nutrients. Again I felt special as if I had a spa treatment. I truly recommend Diablo View Endodontics. Thank you. Dee


This is the best professional and friendly group of people. To start off, I have been to Dr. Dobin's office for several procedures and the experience is always awesome. The staff greet me like an old friend and the dental work is performed with my comfort as the primary goal. Who could ask for anything more!


Absolutely professional! Organization is a must for me. Front office Jennie, Shelly & Donna classy professional women a great team! Oh! Did I mentioned Dr. Dobin PAINLESS!! Yes! No pain!!!????

Pamela Kelly

I as referred to Dr. Dobin after it was discovered I had part of my nerve exposed when my dentist was treating a cracked tooth. I was very anxious about getting a root canal but Dr. Dobin explained exactly what the procedure entailed and they made sure I was nice and numb before beginning. Throughout the procedure Dr. Dobin explained what the instruments would do and what sensations I should anticipate feeling. The next day I was a little sore and swollen and they called to see how I was doing. I am so grateful for the care that this office shows its patients. Hopefully I won't need another root canal, but if I needed one, I would definitely be coming back to this office. Thank you!

Ariana Schroder Chandler

I as referred to Dr. Dobin after it was discovered I had part of my nerve exposed when my dentist was treating a cracked tooth. I was very anxious about getting a root canal but Dr. Dobin explained exactly what the procedure entailed and they made sure I was nice and numb before beginning. Throughout the procedure Dr. Dobin explained what the instruments would do and what sensations I should anticipate feeling. The next day I was a little sore and swollen and they called to see how I was doing. I am so grateful for the care that this office shows its patients. Hopefully I won't need another root canal, but if I needed one, I would definitely be coming back to this office. Thank you!

Ariana Schroder Chandler

I went to my regular dentist for severe tooth pain and was referred to Dr. Dobin. Needless to say, I was terrified since I've never had a root canal. Dr. Dobin restored my faith in dentistry. It was as pain free as it possibly could have been under the circumstances. I have already referred him to my sister and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of his services.

Renee Souza

Everyone involved was very nice, friendly, and professional; but probably best of all, genuinely caring.

Clint Turner

I was referred by my Dentist, Dr. Morrice, for a root canal. I was a bit anxious about the procedure (pain) and opted for nitrous. It was an unnecessary expense. I barely felt any discomfort. The worst of it was the novocain shot that I also barely felt. When finished, I'd been waiting for the "ouch factor", but it never occurred. Dr Dobin and his staff are extremely caring, efficient, and professional. If I ever need another root canal, I will be at Dr Dobin's practice. I highly recommend him and his staff!

Jeff Allendorph

I was referred to Dr Dobin's office to have a tooth examined before have a crown installed. He was able to fit me in the same day and had time to perform the needed root canal immediately. The office was very soothing. Everything ran smooth from the new patient check-in to the procedure. Leslie and Dr. Dobin were excellent through the entire procedure. Leslie even came back to the office after 4pm on a Friday to re-cement my temporary crown that had come off. I would recommend to anyone who is in need a root canal.

Brian Weibert

Dear Dr Dobin, After meeting your wonderful staff, I enjoyed excellent service from everyone. Leslie is amazing, and I especially enjoyed that everyone has a sense of humor.

Chris Singh

I'm in love. From the front desk all the way back to Ellen and Dr. Dobin, phenomenal service. Aside from the fact that he is great at what he does, he has a staff that really makes you feel well taken care of. Ellen is a superstar and truly an asset to his practice. What a big heart she has. :) My experience was great. Dr. Dobin took care of a retreating a root canal that was causing lots of pain and I walked out numb but as soon as the numbing went away, I felt brand new! They are amazing and I highly recommend this office. Plus, they sent me a beautiful handwritten card in the mail. Thank you everyone!

Carisa Speth

An amazing experience. No pain whatsoever and great bedside manner from all involved. Highly recommended.

Tim Guernsey

I don't know really what to say! If you need dental work from a Endodontics Dr. Dr. Dobin and his staff are simply amazing. Never have I been so comfortable and RELAXED. Just sitting in the front waiting to be called back, you listen to soothing music. You can stare at the soothing images on the TV, not get all stressed out listen to the top 40 or Media on T.V. The staff is just amazing, they talk to you as if your family and it feels genuine! Thanks Dr. Dobin and Staff.. Sincerely W. Wetterhorn

William Wetterhorn

Everyone was very pleasant and helpful and made sure I knew how to contact the doctor if I had any issues after hours. I had a root canal done and Dr Dobin clearly answered all my questions prior to the procedure. I was very pleased and surprised with the root canal procedure in the fact that it was pain free even when I was given the anesthesia injection. Thanks to the whole staff for making the whole process a pleasant experience.

Maria Toleran

Two root canals in two days with dr. Dobin. Absolutely pain free and done so quickly! Anyone in east Contra Costa needing root canal work done, it's worth the travel to Brentwood!!!

Douglas Heinz

I recently had a root canal done by Dr.Dobin, when I first came in I was very nervous. After I was checked in the front office gal started talking to me and I felt a little comfortable. After I was taken to the back and was getting ready for the root canal, the medical assistant was very nice and was telling me what Dr.Dobin would do. Dr. Dobin then came in and explained everything to me again and then we started on the root canal. There was no pain at all and I will recommend him 100% to any one who needs a root canal. After the procedure I was numb for about 2 hours but after the anesthesia wore off there was NO PAIN at all. Thank you Dr.Dobin .

Lily Mendoza

I was reffered to Dr Dobin for a root canal. The office staff were very courteous & professional.Dr Dobin was also. he took x-rays and explained the procedure and went to work. I experienced 0 pain and actually dosed off during the procedure. The office followed up the next day to see how I was doing and I told them there was no pain what so ever. Thanks Dr Dobin & staff for a plesureable experience. you will be highly reccomended.

Tony DiMaggio

I was referred to Dr. Dobin for a root canal procedure. I got in the same day and had the problem tooth taken care of. The doctor and staff are all very kind and professional, the waiting area is spotlessly clean and neat. I would recommend Dr. Dobin.

Jean Ramos

I got an appointment and got in to take care of my aching tooth and i didn't even have time to read my soccer magazine, it was that smooth. Thanks Dr. Dobin

Sash Migay

I am so very grateful to Dr. Dobin and his staff for their expert care for a recent root canal on a tooth that was causing me a great deal of pain. Afterwards, when the anesthesia wore off, not only was there no soreness around the infected tooth, but sensitivity I had been experiencing on the neighboring tooth within the same bridge was also gone. My mouth has not felt this good in 2 years. What a huge relief! Thanks Dr. Dobin & your dental family!

Charmian Startz-Ramirez

I recently had a root canal from dr dobin, take it from someone who has always feared dentists my whole life, my experience was pain free and recovery was surprisingly pain free as well, the staff was very professional and caring, I would reccomend dr Dobin to everyone.


Dr. Dobin and his team are stellar. Everything about the operation at that office is top notch. Dr. Dobin carefully shares his findings but not before asking for details (if any) regarding reason for the visit or referral. I was more than impressed by the level of detail and genuine concern for me as a patient. 10/10 to recommend.

Nydia S.

No one wants to get a root canal, but if you need one, this is the place. The staff is wonderful, and Dr. Dobin is amazing. They are very helpful with any questions or concers, and scheduling was super easy. I highly recommend them!


I was having extreme tooth pain. I went to my dentist in Antioch and I needed a root canal. He called Dr. Dobin around 4:00 (they close at 5) and they told me to come right over! They took me when 2 other offices wouldn't which I really appreciated. I was a little nervous but every staff member was so very nice and made me feel comfortable. I didn't feel a thing during the procedure. Having a root canal was not as bad as I thought it would be. Thanks again!


No one wants to have a root canal. However, when that is what you need, this is dental office where you want to be treated! The staff and dental technology is second to none.

Patsy Blue

painless, more than I ever expected thanks great job too you and your staff. sincerely K. Bottomley

kenneth bottomley

No one chooses to have a health problem. A tooth had cracked open penetrating beneath the gum line and I was referred to Dr. Dobin's office. The doctor clearly explained the situation and procedure, and the operation went well. I am grateful for Dr. Dobin's skill and professionalism as well as the attentiveness of all his staff.

Shel Burkow

My dentist referred me to Dr. Dobin. Dr. Dobin and his staff got me in immediately and his staff was extremely friendly. They explained the procedure to me and what to expect. I didn't feel any pain during or even after the procedure. I would highly recommend them to everyone I know.

Anna Grones

I had a very satisfying experience with Diablo View Endodontics. Dr. Dobin and his staff were very professional and caring. From the time I scheduled my appointment through the follow-up after the appointment, everyone was on point. The procedure I had was same day, comfortable, and well explained. The technical equipment seemed really savvy to me and helped the process be efficient and effective. I would definitely return and/or recommend to others.

Trina Smith

My experience with Dr. Dobin was surprisingly pleasant. It was amazing to me that such an invasive procedure could be done so quickly and with so little discomfort. The entire office staff is also very friendly and efficient. I will be sure to recommend Dr. Dobin's practice to anyone that I know who needs a root canal.

Andy Allen

My experience with Dr. Dobin was top notch. I have major anxiety with dental work and he and his staff made me feel extremely comfortable with the procedure I was having and explained the process each step of the way. The best part of my experience was that it was quick and painless. The follow up was professional and I appreciated the card they sent! I would highly recommend Dr. Dobin and his staff!

Danielle H

Very nice, professional and no pain. Truly concerned about your comfort and overall experience can not say enough about them. Would recommend them to everyone.

Kelly Jones

Dr. Dobin and his Staff are very professional and welcoming. They explained well the procedure and what to expect post root canal. I did not feel any pain during the procedure the post procedural pain was very minimal to none. I would highly recommend Dr.Dobin and his staff. To the entire team of Dr. Dobin Thank you.


I had a wonderful experience here


Dr. Dobin and Staff were wonderful, when first referred I did not know what to expect as I tend to be very squeamish when it comes to any type of dental procedures. Throughout the procedure I felt at ease and very little pain. The entire staff made me feel comfortable and during the procedure Dr. Dobin and his assistant would ask if I was feeling Ok, this alone was very much appreciated. It wasn’t about the procedure alone, they were also concerned about me and how I felt. Thank you again for everything and for making this entire process a pleasant one. Happy Holidays!!!

Clarissa Ramirez

Dr. Dobin and his staff are excellent. You'd be hard pressed to do better. He is professional, communicates during the procedure and so very thorough in all aspects involved. I had a root canal and experienced no pain during or in fact after the procedure. He and his staff are friendly and put you at ease the minute you walk in the door. The office atmosphere is pleasant with soft meditative music in the background. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Dobin for your Endodontic needs.

Paul Thornton

Dr.Dobin and his staff took very good care of me. He had to repair an old root canal that was not done correctly by an dentist many years ago. The procedure took several hours and was done very professionally. Very pleased with the results and the one year check up. Highly recommend Dr.Dobin and staff.

Mel Chew

Dr. Dobin has done an excellent job picking and training his team. They all took very good care of me from the first phone call, to the Root Canal, to discharge everything went smoothly. And to my surprise I fell asleep during the root canal. I went from being anxious about the procedure to relaxed and nodding off. Job well done to Dr. Dobin and his team.

Nicole Y

I was referred to Dr.Dobins office by my regular dentist for a root canal. From the moment I entered the office j felt welcomed. During the procedure Dr.Dobin and his assistant kept me comfortable and painless. I would highly recommend Dr.Dobin and his staff.

Edward Machado

I am so impressed with Dr Dobin and staff! Everyone here, from front office to the doctor, make the patient a priority. I can honestly say this was the most comfortable I have ever been in a dental office and the work done was remarkably low-pain!!

Susan Bieske

High quality work, professional, knowledgeable, friendly, best in class endodontics services, Just few words that describes my experience with Dr. Dobin and the DiabloView staff, many thanks for taking care of my root canal needs and the great service I received.

Aziz Mulhem

I had a root canal done with Dr. Dobin. From the time you walk into the office to your procedure to the time you leave your feel welcomed and comfortable. This was the best experience. I hate having any work done on my teeth but I would have a root canal done any time with Dr. Dobin

Lisa M.

I went in for a regular cavity to be filled by my general dentist and I end up needing a Root Canal and that is when I got the pleasure of meeting Dr.Dubin and his wonderful staff who took care of me and the care was Phenomenal!!! 10+ rating thumbs up! If your like me one who needs to be put to sleep then Dr. Dobin is the man! I'm so afraid of going to the Dentist let alone an Endodontist. If Dr.Dobin retires then my teeth will just have to fall out because I will not allow anyone else to work on me but him and his wonderful staff! They even called me the same day, sent me a beautiful card in the mail! They are so caring and gentle and the doctor is so patient!

Denise Paul

Dr. Dobin's technique at root canal procedure is far more painless than others I have experienced elsewhere. His assistant was right there making sure I was comfortable.

Katherine Trapp

I was referred by my Dentist for a root canel I was in so much tooth ache pain I was near to being a grown man cry! The Doctor Dobin relieved my pain in a matter of minutes when he first greeted me. What a relief. The staff Diablo Endodonics were extremely helpful and professional. Thanks tot you all!

DanielB. Vasquez

The best part of my experience was no pain! The office staff and Doctor were fully professional and make sure all my questions and concerns were answered. Never had as much follow up after dental surgery in my life. I would recommend Dr. Dobin to every one I know and already told a few.

James McNary

My experience with Dr Dobin has been great! If I ever get another root canal I will use him. However, I have a philosophy if it ain't broke don't fix it! so until I have another dental problem I am good for now! Thanks for you services.

Duane Lent

I had the best time!!!!! I needed a root canal. I was a tad bit nervous about getting the shot to numb my mouth. I was given that little numbing gel, you know the one before the actual SHOT. Let me tell you, I felt nothing!!! I kept waiting for the pinch you always feel - nope - never felt it. The assistant was the greatest. Always asking if everything was ok. Dr. Dobin always telling me what he was about to do and if I felt anything to let him know. They both made the expericence as gentle as can be. I know the dentist can be trying but not here. My experience again, the best!!!!! Thank YOU:)

Leslie M

Thank you for your very kind and attentive service during my root canal. The atmosphere that your office creates makes the experience much more bearable.

Jamie H

Everyone at Diablo View Endodontics were so friendly. I had to take my mom to get a root canal, and everyone I met were extremely helpful and comforting toward my mom, who I know can get very stressed during dental appointments. I am grateful also for the follow up call and thank you card that they had sent to my mom with everyone's signature.

Homer C

Having a root canal is never fun, but Dr Dobin and his staff made having one safe and comfortable. Before I knew it the procedure was over. His in office CT scan helped diagnose my problem and prevented unnecessary treatments. I am grateful Dr. Dobin and his staff (Leslie, Teresa, Donna, and Ellen) are in our community.

Shirley C

Was referred to this office from my regular dentist because of the location of the root canal needed as well as the fact that I am 35 weeks pregnant. The office staff and Dr. Dobin were all fantastic. I've never had a root canal done, so I have nothing to compare this experience to, but I can say that a day later I feel totally fine (sure a little sore, but that's to be expected). Because I'm so far along in my pregnancy I had to get a medical release from my OB. In order to do that, Dr. Dobin's office had to specify the work being done and all medications being used. The ladies at the front had no problem with that and did it very quickly! They were also super nice and thoughtful, even calling the day after to make sure I was feeling okay. Overall a great experience all the way through for something that no one likes to go through!

Jes S.

I had have root canal before with others dentist and always experimented pain. I have phobia to dentist due to previous experiences . My jaw is very sensitive to touch and every time I receive anesthesia I got faster heart rate and shake .I was expecting all the above this time with Dr Dobin and the first 5 min in the room I was very nervous .but his assistant reassure me and gave me emotional support,I was feeling soo comfortable that I wanted to sleep. I was soo amazed I'm very impressed about your practice,words can't say enough about how I feel.for me to be very satisfied it's because he and his team are very professional knowledgeable and knows very well how to treat difficult patients.thank you for your impressive job. I did recommend you already . Your are angels and for sure I believe dr Dobin has been guide by God. Front desk staff thanks for taking care of my friend while she was waiting for me.God bless you all for doing what you do.

zoila rosales

I appreciate the professional and careful way you did the root canals. Thank you for your service.

Rosa Mae

Superb staff!! I did not have one second of pain from the shot to the root canal! I was amazed!!! Post procedure didn't even require additional motrin or pain medication. Highly recommend this practice.


My son Peter had root canal treatment for his upper front tooth after it got bumped hard and turned dark. Dr. Dobin did a great job, keeping him comfortable the whole time. Anyone with a fear of root canals probably hasn't seen Dr. Dobin yet!

Brian H.

My hats off once again to Dr. Dobin and your remarkable staff! I'm extremely pleased by the tremendous care and comfort offered in my resent visit. Your attention to patient comfort and accommodation to schedule are key components when dealing with pain and anxiousness when it comes to dental issues. Most unfortunately have adamant fear when it comes to issues like "root canals", but knowing that you and your team are there to help relieve the anxiety are a true comfort! Thanks again, Lee C

Lee Cummings

I am one for searching out the best of the best in medical care, when it comes to my medical needs. As I had to have an emergency root canal, I was a bit nervous to jump into the chair of a doctor I hadn't had the chance to research yet. But, I trusted my dentist's judgment (of referral) as I didn't have time to waste, due to my pain. Dr. Dobin and his staff, went above and beyond to keep me comfortable during my root canal. The most painful part was keeping my mouth open for 45 minutes. I literally had no pain, which I had anticipated once the Novocain wore off. Dr. Dobin and his assistant did an excellent job. I'm so happy to have an Endodontic of his caliber in Brentwood!!! I highly recommend him!

Julie Natali

I was in terrible pain the week before Christmas and saw my regular dentist on Dec. 22nd. They referred me to Dr. Dobin and his office saw me two hours later. They also performed my much needed root canal on the same day, and by Christmas, I was feeling great :-)

Laura W

Outstanding job by the whole team. Dr. Dobbins did a great job on my root canal. Very thorough, complete and competent. Plus, somehow (not sure how he did this) I never felt the novacaine shot - that is a first compared to other doctors. Hopefully, I will not be having more root canals, but if I do I know where I will go; Diablo View Endodontics!

Rick K

Doctor dobin and his assistant were great! Very nice, professional team. Treated me great being new to their office, I felt very welcome. The front desk was run well and very helpful with any questions. They called and made sure I was recovering well and sent out a personal card. Very please with my experience and I would recommend this office to everyone. Thank you guys very much !

Joe R

I'm a plain & simple man. I'll put it plainly & simply. " if I want anybody to cut me open, it'll be Dr. Dobin & his Staff"

John S. Duenas

Dr. Dobin and his TEAM were wonderful,caring educational very relaxing above all my expectaions...Great job by all Thank you much.

Frank C

Awesome group.  Everyone was very caring.  The ladies at the front desk (Donna & Ellen) were very attentive. Dr. Dobin told me what he was going to do and the effect it would have prior to each step of the procedure. Leslie was very efficient and caring.

Not only is Dr. Dobin an excellent endodontist, everyone in his office care about the patient.  Thank you all so much!

Sincerely, Sue L

I urgently needed a root canal, a procedure I never had before and always dreaded. My fear was based on what family and friends told me they had experienced at other dental offices. But after meeting Dr. Dobin and his friendly and efficient staff, my anxiety was alleviated. I sensed a compassionate professional would skillfully conduct any procedures. Although I don't know what backgrounds, personalities or office policies may be considered a "norm" in this specialized area of dental care, as far as I'm concerned, Dr. Dobin sets a standard. Everyone and everything in this office reflects expertise, an eye for detail, and a genuine concern for patients – before, during and after treatment. Like others who have offered testimonials, I was impressed by multiple accommodations, including the time it took to make the reclining chair more comfortable. Since I have a tricky neck and back, I greatly appreciated the adjustments. Finally, my pain level for a day or two following the procedure was simply managed with Tylenol. While I understand everyone is different, and treatments or pain undoubtedly varies due to numerous factors, I've had headaches that felt much worse. A basic root canal may not be pleasurable, but in the right hands, I learned it was possible to endure it with minimum discomfort. Paul


Thank you Dr. Dobin and staff. You are a true model of what a dental care should be. You were professional, quick with impeccable patient care. I highly recommend this office if you need a no pain root canal done and you want this done quick! I assure you, this is the office to go to!


I've had infection in my tooth #30 for quite a few years because of bad job of my previous dentist, in 2002. Within the last 3,5 years, three general dentists and one endodontist told me that there's bad prognosis for this tooth, and it will be risky to try to do root canal therapy. They scared me to death, and I was pretty sure I'll have to pull the tooth out. Just to get the last opinion, I went to Dr. Dobin's office...and was surprised by his confidence in good outcome of the root canal therapy. I was still very anxious, but doctor's manner of communication and professionalism in his work made me as relaxed as I could be. I haven't had pain both during the procedure and ever after it. He showed me an x-ray of my tooth after finishing root canal, and it looked just perfect! They also gave me a discount and allowed me to make monthly payments, since it's still expensive for me to pay the whole amount at once. I was very satisfied with all the service, and I couldn't desire any better. May Jesus richly bless them!

Darya Esipova

Dr.Dobin, you and all of your office staff are amazingly wonderful, you have a very professional and compassionate team. On August 12,2014 upon arrival for my root canal your staff greeted me with patience. As a nervous and anxious patient,they explained the procedure and calmed my fears. The treatment went well. Your neck pillow was a great comfort and fit, that was the first time a dentist had one, as I always bring my own. Your staff was so comforting when calling me that afternoon checking on me. The Surprise was when Dr.Dobin called me 3 days later to personally check on how I was doing. I Highly Recommend Dr.Dobin's Office to everyone I know who is in need of any endodontic treatment. I thank you all for your patience and time with me during and after my treatment, now I am Pain Free, Thank You Donna S.

I had the great opportunity to experience the phenomenal care that Dr.Dobin and his staff give at this office! I unfortunetly had a terrible root canal experience at another dental office that left me fearful to attempt any dental procedure. Fortunately Dr. Dobin and his dental assistant performed perfectly. I haven't had an ache in the tooth ever since! I recommend this office 10x over!

Michaela S

I recently saw Dr. Dobin in June for an implant that was long overdue. The treatment went well and I was pleasantly surprised I had no swelling or discomfort. The staff and doctor were so comforting and professional.I highly recommend to all my family and friends in need of a root canal or implant to go see Dr. Dobin.


Dr. Dobin and his staff took EXCELLENT care of me!!! By far the best dental experience I've ever had. I highly recommend Dr Dobin and his staff.

Nicole Gasca

I have been refered by my Dentist previously to Dr Dubin, and thus far I have had a very good experience each time. Dr Dubin advises and provides the treatment that is in the best interest of his patients. He listens to his patients and cares about what they have to say. His staff is great and consistant with patient care and follow-up.They called me the day prior to my appointment and after, as well as sent me a beautiful card in the mail! They are so caring and gentle and the doctor is so patient

Louise McKay

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Pen and her staff are the best they did wonders for me with min to no pain after words. No one will do this work on me if I need it again but Dr. Penn and her staff!!!!!

Greg Vinecour

Very good experience with Dr. Penn and the staff. I was treated with kindness and respect by all. Dr. Is very skillful and has a good touch. Very little discomfort during and after the procedure Thank you very much.

Eugene Dettrick

Had an incredibly positive experience with my entire visit and I’ve been afraid of dental work ever since I can remember. Would not hesitate to visit Dr. Penn and her team for your dental needs. Was wonderful from start to finish.

Fabulous Team

I had a wonderful time with Dr. Penn performing a root canal on me. Who says that in their right mind? I've had 5 root canals since I was 12 years old and I know a good Dentist when I see one. Dr. Penn is the one you want for a painless root canal.

Dave K

My experience here was like no other. The front office, dental assistant, and Dr. Penn are all amazing. There was NO pain before, during or after my root canal, and I am deeply grateful!

Julie Mello

1140 Second Street
Suite B
Brentwood, CA 94513